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International Feminine Embodiment Leader

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Come back home to your True Self 

Reclaim your Feminine Power 

Liberate your fullest Self Expression

through the Art of Embodied Dance

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  • Embody Radical Self Acceptance & Embrace all Aspects of your Self ​


  • Create Balance in your life & establish an unwavering Inner Anchor


  • Heal your relationship with your Emotions, through acknowledgement & expression

  • Feel supported in your journey by Connecting with women around the world

  • Learn powerful Embodiment Practices & Life-changing Movement Tools 

  • Heal and Grow through the Feminine Way focusing on Pleasure & Creativity 

  • Take back your Power, Know your Worth Become the Leader of your life


What is embodied dance?


I can say with confidence that this work changed my life. Anything Mana touches is imbued with deep love and reverence for the feminine.

- Anastasiya Sharkova


“Words are really hard to find to describe this work, this medicine, this ancient wisdom that is ignited within your body when you do this work.”


- Amy Thomas, Embodied Temple Keeper


Liberation Through Movement Online Community

Connect with like-minded embodied women all over the world in shared experience through weekly live online embodiment workshops and masterclasses. Feel seen and supported in your journey home to yourself.


Become an Activated Feminine Leader 

YOU ARE A LEADER - of  your family, in your friend circle, in the workplace and creative projects,  and above all, of YOUR OWN LIFE.


Embodiment is a pathway to RISING into being the Leader of your Life. 


By choosing to devote yourself to the Feminine Arts, being guided by Pleasure and Intuition, you are saying yes to CHOOSING YOU at every moment of your life.


The following is an Outline of the path you will be guided through if you feel called to choose Mana Mei, Embodied Dance & Ritual Movement as your guiding light for this next thread in the weaving of your life journey. If you take this journey, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

1. Join the  

Liberation through Movement Online Community

3. complete



immersion -

4 week journey

5. level2 in-person 

Embodied Temple Keeper

facilitator training

8 day retreat

2. complete


Movement Online Course -

3 week journey

4. level1  virtual 

Embodied Temple Keeper

facilitator training

12 day journey

I feel infinitely grateful and blessed to have this opportunity to immerse myself and fully receive Mana’s wisdom, teachings and practices at such a potent time in the evolution of consciousness, and will continue daily with these rituals for the days, weeks, and years to come, watching the magic unfold.

- Minou Sadeghi, Embodied Temple Keeper

a gift for you

Please enjoy this FREE Heart-Head Video Guided Embodied Movement Meditation.

“I am allowing energy to move through me, finding my own medicine, and the power in sisterhood continually helps me to come

home to myself. I am eternally grateful”


- Julie De Lorenzo

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Meet mana mei

Mana Mei is a lifelong Dancing Queen, Mother, Cosmic Dreamer, Gemini Sun-Taurus Moon-Scorpio Rising, Activated Feminine, Earth Creatura, Jaguar Priestess, Global Community Creator, Feminine Embodiment Leader, Sacred Space Curator, and overall obsessed Creatrix of the Feminine Arts. 


She spent many years navigating chronic depression, eating disorders, self-hatred, and overall low self worth. Her story is not unique, as she battled many of the same tough emotions and experiences as many others.


And yet, just like many others, she felt very alone in her struggles...




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