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CLAY Rituals

Healing Clay is a powerful gift from the Earth.

For centuries, cultures around the world have been using clay for cleansing, purifying, rejuvenation, and detoxing the body.

Applying body masks of pure bentonite clay replenishes the body with necessary nutrients, pulls toxins, impurities, heavy metals, and chemicals out of the body.

CLAY is a guided ceremony that travels through embodiment practices focused on using clay and dance as a means to reconnect with the earth and its natural gifts, connect with our bodies and innate sensuality, connect with our authentic expression of movement, and connect with each other in neo-tribalism- gathering in ritual as women have been doing for centuries.

The purpose of this ritual is self-care, self-love, and collective healing through experiential and embodied pleasure and cleansing. 

Together we create a container of safety in which we can each feel free to explore our own sensuality, enjoying our bodies through touch and movement.

We create space to explore vulnerable and true connection with other women through shared experience, conscious touch, and expressive movement.


We give permission to ourselves and each other to experience clearing and purifying not only through the clay itself, but through all avenues of energy release. 


This is very much a co-created ceremony which can be soft, deep, fierce, fun, gentle, transformational, uncomfortable, blissful, edgy, nurturing, and everything in between… we leave space to find what is ready and organically wants to be experienced by our souls. Welcoming, giving permission, and allowing it all as part of our beautiful spectrum of human experience.  


A deeply nourishing experience on many levels.

The clay itself is innately healing in its properties (and makes your skin feel as soft as a baby....) but the process of applying, drying, and washing the clay she also found to be nurturing & healing on many levels. 


When Mana Mei  began her own practice of full body clay masks, she quickly tuned into how ancient this very simple practice felt. As if her soul had been doing this ritual for lifetimes.


Mana felt very strongly that this is a practice that spans centuries and cultures and when done in community with women, will allow us to tune back into our individual and collective power and ancient wisdom, sharing in the cultivation of love, beauty, and embodied presence. 


Are you hosting a women’s retreat in Bali and desire to weave in a deeply transformation experience for your participants?

Mana will bring CLAY to you.

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